Sightseeing in the Peronne region

The Prieure is situated in the countryside with local products and history in The High Somme.

The countryside is varied ,with woods, fields and valleys, it is ideal for walking, fishing in lakes and hunting eg : ducks, rabbits, hares, deers, wild boars etc.

There is an abundance of natural local products eg : eels, pikes, ducks, vegetables from market gardeners, among these are : Smoked eel, stuffed pikes, duck pate, ficelle picarde, flamiche aux poireaux. « leeks ».

The High Somme has a historic past : You can follow the paths of Louis XI and Charles the Temeraire underneath Peronne Castle, visit the Basilique of Notre-Dame-de-Brebieres in Albert, nicknamed the « Lourdes of the North » by Pope Leon XIII, visit Ham Castle where Napoleon III stayed for a long time, you can also go on the Circuit du Souvenir and see all the Cemetries and Monuments of the First World War.

Near to The Prieure :

The Memorial Chapel in Rancourt

The Circuit du Souvenir

The countryside and the lakes of the High Somme

The towns of Albert, Bapaume and Ham

The Belvedere de Vaux (panoramic viewpoint)

The Tommy bar in Pozieres a souvenir cafe-bar.

Peronne tourist office

Peronne Chamber of Commerce

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